Dog Training Disclaimer

I understand that dog training is not without risk to me, members of my family, and/or my dog.


I agree that, in the event of injury to my family, my dog(s), or myself, I will not hold Leads & Love Dog Walking and Training, its owners or any of its instructors, responsible.


I also agree to assume all responsibility for any damage done to property, persons, or other dogs by me or my dog's actions. I hereby release Leads & Love Dog Walking and Training and it’s instructors from any and all liability for accidents, injuries and/or damages to me, my dog, or any property, caused by participation in any activities including the period of time immediately prior there to, and immediately after, the conclusion thereof, so long as the animals are located on the premises designated for the activity.


I assume all liability for injury to myself, my dog or any property, occasioned by this participation.